Young Bloody

by Cu-Cu

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All songs written, performed & recorded by Miles George
Mastered by Ryan Johnson

To all of my friends who have been stuck in the mud (blood) and who have pulled themselves out of it

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved


released October 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Cu-Cu Rochester, New York

Miles George, aka Cu-Cu, has been writing & recording songs since he was 10. From 2006 to 2017, Cu-Cu has written & recorded 6 full length albums, 2 EPs and a whole batch of throwaways. His integration of electronic pop and indie rock has made his music catalog diverse in many ways. He plays shows every now & then, but mainly plays for whoever's in the room at the time. ... more

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Track Name: Straight As A Weight
I’m pulling the wool over one eye
Waking up, January dry
But there is a chance you’ll see why
I’m not the only stranger in this town
Big wind rising and the werewolf county doesn’t care
All the cops are playing triple dog dare
The faces are grown to love the flashlights
Burned against the windshields
And this is the place that we swore we’d never have anything more

We don’t know it
Our minds are on the moon
Sleeping sound in an infiltrated room
I am tapping on the window
I was stupid and I didn’t know it
I don’t understand
Why your mind still wanders in a time of war
There’s a time for young bloody messengers
To move on and get born
I am not the one you love tonight
You get so stoned when you sing the high notes

I am alone
I am alone again and I don’t need anyone
Be my blessing
Like a beehive, I am not the one to die straight as a weight
I’m straight as a weight
Straight as a weight
Track Name: Curtains
Children hide the devils underneath the bed
“This is not who you are anymore” she said
And the reins are broken by promises half made
Running from the winter when you know that it’s just rain

You can’t hide your stomach from the real thing
A watchdog sniffing out clues until the spring
But you were a winter lover, you would not let down
All those times you tried to be the clown

I’m throwing my brains out of the windows at midnight
Screaming sidewalk strangers are passing through my empty head
And I keep slugging the schoolyard walls
Busting my hands for no one
I’m sleeping in the place that I kept running from

So pull away the curtains
Pull away the curtains for now
Track Name: Dearies Untied
You are alright with your paper fold
You can’t survive if you do not grow
This money town is always cold
You cannot lie what you do not know

My phone is ringing painful strides
Morons handcuffed, dearies untied
You stand so tall in your tiger pose
Who’s gonna buy all of your clothes

Your mouth is spitting all the words you swore
You’d never speak when you got too bored

You cannot hide what you do not know
You’re throwing punches at dominoes
This game you’re playing, it won’t last long
One day you’ll realize you were wrong

Your tongue is twisting all the words you swore
You’d never speak when she got to the door
You’re building bombs in a time of war
You look right through it
And no one is ever
No one’s gonna let you in
Track Name: Learn To Swim
The night it freezes my fire escape
Rescue worker don’t be late
To my motives I will stick til I die
Let the water run til the clouds roll off the lie
I was born in a red cocoon
How’s the same feeling missing in my own bedroom

Swim through corpses in the night
Breaking through water and leaving the white boy to die

You come freezing like you used to do
It’s all up to you what you wanna do
Gotta get out of the heaven that you used to get stuck to
Fold your body into the parchment and get out of the glue
Your arms, too slender to roll with the wind
Your legs run to your mother, the one who keeps you free from sin

Swim through something if you wanna believe
There’s a better way out of this machine
Learn to swim, you won’t die
The only thing worse than dying is to never try

Learn to swim, you won’t die
Track Name: The Tent
A candle fire for our nighttime believing
We wandered through the muddy dark wearing new skin
What would we do if we lived like our parents
Dragging memories in dirt and mental healing
Odd job offers at twenty-one
And trying to lose the battle with bottles
I couldn’t think of what to do if I was driving cross-country
I am born a bum again

The new beginning that I’ve begun
Most days, I think I’ve won

We build the trunk with our bags and had the feeling
Our soul-searching doom wouldn’t believe in
Our own bodies for believing
That we were close to being alone
We pack the tent with our things and grabbed the feeling
From the mountains growing taller than the trees
And we didn’t leave anything behind us
With the evidence buried from a coke bust

I couldn’t believe what I’d become
I shouldn’t believe in those who’ve won
They break my heart every day
It ends up breaking the same damn way
Track Name: Keep Running
My criminal mind is haunting up the hillside
You won’t hide until your boy is a lantern
Two heads in a duffel bag
And you’re getting dizzy with the smell of flowers
The little lake is filling up an ocean
The sweet life is turning sour
Your head sits on unsure shoulders
What would you be if I were scarecrow thin
The tough love of a racing horse
Is just like the one that never wins
And the cops won’t care about the drinking
If love is but the reject
You are a ghost without a frown, an isolated town
My internal choir starts singing

Broken hearts harden clay
Drink until the break of day
It’s not my fault that you want naked
And it’s not my fault that you get older

We can’t stand to live that way with her
She’s a little vat of poison
She is searching for the girl that she could never be
You stand arms so open
With stall talk and a leaky fountain
Hope for the light to burn the shadows out
And build my being
We are colder than winter
I’m throwing holy water at a fire in your eye

Come on long broken-hearted friends
I am running out but you keep moving on
Like you always do, like you always will
Like it never hurt you
The thought of losing something good

You don’t know what the problem is
You don’t know what you even did
You’re the whore of a prostituted child
You’re a bore who doesn’t even know the truth anymore

My jacket’s falling off my shoulders
So prove me to the town that I am not a man

I keep running and you keep laughing
I keep running, breaking through
I keep running away from you
Track Name: All On A String
It’s not your fault, it never was
It didn’t hurt, it never does
And it’s not gonna work that way
Not anymore
I keep pretending to be fine
Wrap my wounds up in twine
All the bar fight blood from a late night
Cashing in your bed sheets, sleeping on the concrete
You’re the sound underneath the streets at night
And you’re the only girl I can’t look in the eye
I keep on finding you don’t deny why you love that

Can you feel the flame matching up with the pain
Tied into refrain
You don’t need it anymore than I do
I am a ghost in your life
I am looking for your light
Shining like candles made for wives
The car is so empty and cold
I’m driving around in the snow
I’m not sure what to know
Or I don’t know anything

All of you took the same old joke too far
And I’ve got you all on a string

Walking around, throwing fiction to the ground
I don’t need it, you don’t know it
But you always blew it when you did
I’m not supposed to love you back after you broke my back
Well I know it, and I can’t ever relax
And I just can’t let her go
But I don’t know why I am alone
It’s not your fault

It’s not your fault, it never was
It didn’t hurt, it never does
It’s not your fault, it never was
It doesn’t hurt, it never does

All of you cardboard cutout city stars
The joke is on you and everyone else
And I’ve got you all on a string
On a string
Oh, it’s everything
Track Name: Fruitless Search
We equip like compasses
Row the boats and sink the ships
First waves hit with open arms
Second ones set off the alarms
On rivers of salvation bound
Hiding in the corners, cry falling down
Two by two in our new life
Spitting on the life docks, drinking overnight

We don’t know the truth anymore than they do
We don’t know the truth anymore than they do
We thought all we knew were just words to see through
Cuz we don’t know the truth anymore than they do

Throwing arrows into the sky
Pretending they go somewhere
This is how we try
In futures that our parents saved
We grow up feeling useless and go against the waves
It’s a fruitless search to toast the night to
A living breathing actor is flowing out of you
You could play the leading role
Beauty of a monster with the serpent of a soul

We don’t know the truth anymore than they do
We don’t know the truth anymore than they do
I could give to you anything but bad news
Cuz we don’t know the truth
We need more than they do

Don’t bang on the walls
We are our own faults
Don’t wake tearing down
In the dream I’m drowning in
I will swim again
I will grow these fins
Rescue workers dim cigarettes in water
For the flares to find my body in

We don’t know the truth anymore than they do
We don’t know the truth anymore than they do
I could give to you anything but good news
Cuz we don’t know the truth
We need more than they do
Track Name: A New Band Is Hired
A new band is hired
They’re all liars and we don’t know it
A new band is hired
We’re all liars and they all know it
Going to the city
Making your art music for money
Come together for the first time in forever

Parking lot touchdown
And the newfound glory that you won’t shrug off
A clap and drum kick
A voice so homesick when you’re singing
Microphone shotgun
Write a new song in a teenage closet
Bible curses
And angry verses you should know
I wish the show was longer
I wish that we were stronger as friends

But you know we gotta be stronger
We gotta take those chances for ourselves
Cuz no one’s gonna take them for us
A new band for hire
The guitar is a desire of our own keeping
That we don’t want to start

A new band is hired

It’s so important to know where you’re going through the times
And where to break another bone
It’s so important to know your parents from your friends
And where to find a quarter to call home
It’s so important to know the truth between the lies
And where to go to breathe the air
And it’s so important to say your prayers
It’s so important to say your prayers